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Working with Jordan has been insightful and transformative. He is compassionate and present and is able to hold space for a variety of emotions. Even though I have only worked with him for a short time, it has felt valuable and deep.

Previous Client

Jordan does amazing work with clients. He easily attunes to the needs and therapeutic objectives of each client.  He was amazing at building rapport, and was able to demonstrate cultural humility and clinically build bridges across diversities. 

Elizabeth Hoke, LMFT, Portland Liberation Institute Clinical Director, Supervisor

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jordan since 2020. With becoming a new parent, coupled with the stresses of the pandemic, a lot of emotional challenges came up and I was not coping well. While I had many years of traditional talk therapy, I found the mindful-somatic approach to be very effective for breaking out of dysfunctional patterns, especially in times of heightened stress. With Jordan’s warm approach and use of mindful-somatics, I am seeing the impacts of using mindfulness to work through emotional blockages, develop self-compassion, and overall improve my wellbeing.

Previous Client

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jordan during our META/Hakomi training over the course of two years. Jordan struck me as being a natural for this work from the beginning. He has a calm energy and uncanny ability to connect with the client in the moment where they are and deftly and skillfully handle whatever arises. It was a joy and wonder to watch Jordan blossom and develop further as he learned and practiced the method.

Char Heitman, META Institue Graduate

Jordan led a Mindfulness Group that I participated in. He supported a diverse group effectively allowing each person the space to be heard and compassionately held by the other members of the group. He has a gentle approach that creates an environment of care and compassion, while not being afraid to go right to the heart of an exchange and tease out a deeper therapeutic experience for the individual and group. He meets people where they are in their journey and supports them effectively as they try to process and integrate challenging memories and experiences.

Jamie Lee, PCA, Group Co-Facilitator, Liberation Institute

I feel consistently hopeful for the first time since beginning work with Jordan. My anxiety and depression have transformed into excitement for my next adventure. He has been an invaluable ally to me.

Previous Client

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jordan Curtis. I have had the pleasure of periodically working with Jordan on a professional basis this past year. Jordan is consistently kind, empathetic, and supportive of his fellow therapists. He is a great advocate of his clients and passionate about doing the best he can to support them in their journey. Jordan brings a wide depth of knowledge and lived experience to his interactions with peers. I have no doubt that knowledge and experience is also shared with his clients. It is without hesitation that I would recommend working with Jordan.

Dionne Miller, LMFTA, Liberation Institute Therapist Colleague

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