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About Me


My name is Jordan (he/him)

I'm a psychotherapist interested in relational healing & wellness. I consider it a gift and an exciting journey to be able to work with clients for deeper wellbeing and enjoyment in their lives. This field of relational and depth psychotherapy is a passion for me, and I'm enthusiastic about sharing my experience, knowledge, and skills. I believe that the mind is, in many ways, where wellbeing and health begins and can be most impacted. 


Following my interests in health and service, I was drawn to a career in nursing. I graduated from OHSU with my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Science. As an RN, I’ve worked in community health and hospice, giving me unique windows into the life and death of my patients and into the medical system. Today, this experience has been very valuable in helping therapy clients who have experienced medical trauma or who are dealing with illness and death.

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In 2015, while taking time off to recover from a work injury, I went on my first 10-day meditation retreat. During this meditation retreat, I discovered with my own experience the profound connection between body and mind, and the healing power of mindfulness. Further experiences in authentic relationship practice and my own experiences in somatic psychotherapy have led me to pursue my deep fascination with psychosomatic processes and the power of relational & psychological healing.


In 2019, I began to study psychotherapy in order to pursue my goals of providing self-empowering holistic therapy for the wellbeing of those I serve. I graduated from the two-year Hakomi training at the META (Mindfulness Experiential Therapy Approaches) Institute in 2021 and from the University of the Cumberlands Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2023. From 2022-2023 I studied emotionally focused therapy (EFT) with Dr. Sue Johnson and began seeing couples in clinical practice at Liberation Institute.


When I’m not working, I am pursuing my interests in poetry, writing, songwriting, foraging, ethnobotany, wildcrafting and meditation... and continuously learning and talking about wellness, psychology, neuroscience, and all the fascinating and wonderful discoveries that are being made in this age.

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